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Terms of Use and handling of personal data

1. Objective

The purpose of the following text is to establish the general conditions (hereinafter called “General Conditions”) for use and the handling of personal data of the Website property of CAHAMS INTERNET S.L. with CIF: B-85084317 and registered address at C/Gral. Díaz Porlier, 48 1ºA 28001 Madrid, Spain; inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid in Tome: 24.243 Folio: 157 Section: 8 Page: M-435744 Inscription 1, hereinafter called “TotalAdvert” providing its services under registered trademark.

Access to this Website assumes the acceptance on the part of the user of these General Conditions of Use as well as any specific conditions which may pertain to a specific service at the time the User accesses the Portal.  In consequence, the User must carefully read these present Conditions each and every time he/she proposes to use the Portal, as they may have changed.
The use of certain services provided to the Users via the Portal may be subject to the their own specific conditions (hereinafter called “Specific Conditions”) which, where applicable, substitute, complete and/or modify this present Legal Notice.  Therefore, prior to using said services, the User must also carefully read the corresponding “Specific Conditions”.
In the event of Discrepancies between the General Conditions of Use of and the Specific Conditions of any given service, that which has been established in this present document will apply.

2. Users

A “User” is considered to be anyone who accesses the Website in either Registered or non-Registered capacity.
If “Registered User” were specified then all those not Registered would be excluded.
An “Advertiser” is considered to be a User who publishes an advert for public view.

3. Data Protection

Data of a personal nature that is gathered via any means established within the portal assumes the express authorisation of the User for the handling of this data, which will be incorporated into an automated folder called TotalAdvert, duly registered with the Data Protection Agency for which CAHAMS INTERNET S.L is responsable with CIF: B-85084317, registered address at C/Gral Díaz Porlier, 48 1ºA 28001 Madrid, Spain; inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid Tome: 24.243 Folio: 157 Section: 8 Page: M-435744 First Inscription, hereafter called “File manager” whose purpose is the registration of users, the inclusion of adverts for public viewing, the contacting of advertisers and the management/administration of the Website.
The User to whom the personal data belongs may exercise, within the terms and limitations established by current law, rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition:
Registered users:
By indicating the right he/she wishes to exercise, username and password, the email address with which he/she registered, Photocopy of ID and Postal Address by post to the file manager’s address, or indicating the same details from the email with which he/she registered to:
Non-Registered users:
By indicating the right he/she wishes to exercise, username and password, the email address with which he/she registered, Photocopy of ID and Postal Address by post to the file manager’s address, or indicating the same details from the address with which he/she published the advert.
Users who made contact via the contact form:
 By indicating the right he/she wishes to exercise, username and password, the email address with which he/she registered, Photocopy of ID and Postal Address by post to the file manager’s address, or indicating the same details from the email with which he/she first made contact.
The data gathered is:
The data entered by the users on the user registration forms, the advertiser contact forms and within the inclusion of adverts for publication.
IT registration data, visit statistics, website traffic, web-log, cookies which the user may impede from his/her browser.
Collection of the users IP address both for the registration for use of the website as well as for the server web-log.

The data will be used to:

Provide the website service
Register users, publicly publish of adverts, visualise adverts and place users in touch with advertisers..
Resolve problems that may arise during use of the Portal
Make effective the conditions of
Manage/administer the Portal

CAHAMS INTERNET, S.L. will under no circumstances cede data to third parties unless it is to comply with legal requirements, demand compliance with our policies or to service suppliers who provide us with a service for the sole purpose of providing the service commissioned. is committed to the compliance of its obligation to keep data of a personal nature confidential and its duty to safely store it, and will adopt the measures necessary to avoid its alteration, loss, unauthorised handling or access, in accordance with what has been established by the Security Measures Regulations for automated folders which contain data of a personal nature, approved by Royal Decree 994/1999, of 11th July.

Delivering data of a personal nature through any of the means established on the Portal, assumes the express authorisation of the User for the handling indicated in previous paragraphs.

4. Registration

In order to place adverts it is necessary to explicitly accept the General and Specific Conditions, if there were any, during the registration process or each time an advert is published if you are not registered.

All information facilitated by the User through the website forms must be truthful.  To all effects, the User guarantees the authenticity of all data he/she communicates as a consequence of completing the forms required for the publication of adverts.  Similarly, it is the responsibility of the User to keep all information facilitated to TotalAdvert permanently up-dated so that, at all times, it reflects reality.  In all cases the User will be the sole party responsible for any false or inaccurate statements he/she makes and the damage this may cause to TotalAdvert or to third parties.

It is totally prohibited to duplicate registrations or publish the same adverts with different email addresses, doing so will lead to the deletion of all registered users/emails and blocking of the email for future user registrations or advert publications.

5. Use
It is not necessary to be Registered in order to view adverts.

Users are obliged to refrain from including data for publicity purposes and from remitting any kind of publicity for the purpose of sales or any other eventuality, without prior request or consent.  Similarly, users must abstain from sending unsolicited and non-consensual chain electronic messages, nor use inappropriate, disrespectful or threatening language.

The user agrees to use the Portal and the Services in accordance with the law, the present general conditions, the Specific Conditions of certain services and other notices, regulations/rules of use and instructions they are made aware of, as well as in accordance with generally accepted good habits and morality, any non-compliance will incur the deletion and blocking of the user in question from access to the portal, without prior notice.

To this effect, the User will abstain from using any of the Services for illicit purposes, any purposes prohibited by these General Conditions, harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, or which in any way may damage, render useless, overload, deteriorate or impede normal use of the Services, IT equipment or the documents, folders, and all types of content stored on any IT equipment belonging to, other Users or any Internet user (hardware and software).

The User agrees to use the content placed at the disposal of the Users on the Portal, content to be understood as but not limited to the text, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audiovisual content, as well as its graphic design and source codes (hereinafter, the “Content”), in accordance with the Law, these present General Conditions, the Specific Conditions of certain Services and other notices, regulations of use and instructions he/she is made aware of, as well as in accordance with generally accepted morality and good customs and, in particular, agrees to abstain from:

a.Reproducing, copying, distributing, placing at the disposal of or in any other way publicly communicating, transforming or modifying the Contents, unless with the express authorisation of the owner of the corresponding rights.

b. Supress, manipulate or in any way alter the “copyright” and other identifying data relating to or its owners reservation of rights, digital footprints or any other technical media established for their acknowledgment.

The User must abstain from obtaining or even trying to obtain the Contents, for this purpose using the different means or procedures which, where applicable, are placed at his/her disposal or indicated as being for this purpose within the web pages which contain the contents or, in general, those which are habitually used on the Internet to this effect always providing they dont involve a risk of damage or impairment to the Portal, the Services and/or the Contents.

6. Content

a-The User authorises CAHAMS INTERNET to reproduce and use any content sent by him/her to  This content may be reproduced or used by CAHAMS INTERNET over any media, digital or otherwise.

b.Neither nor its managers are responsible for content entered by users, for the publicity contained on this website nor the data of adverts obtained and viewed through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc as a result of the searches these perform on the Internet.  Neither will they be responsible, either directly or indirectly, for damage of any nature due to the use of said Website, or for the lack of legality, reliability, utility, veracity or accuracy of its content.

c. The Adverts must be written in a clear and concise manner and must describe one sole item. reserves the right to delete without any prior notice adverts which:

*Do not describe one sole ítem
*Are not maintained within rules of correctness
*Include vulgar vocabulary
*Affect people’s sensibilities
*Use unethical tactics
*Totally or partially duplicate adverts
*Are illegal
*Imprecise location of Advert
*Falsity of Adverts
*Promote ill-health
*Lead to deception
*Contain publicity
*Are totally, partially the same or similar to another advert in different categories, sub-categories or provinces.
*That threaten intelectual or industrial property rights of third parties
*Contains non-original items such as software, clothing, watches, perfumes or any other similar product or where it is not explicitly indicated that the item is original
*Where the title includes the email, website address or telephone number.
*Are not written in spanish
*That have an ambiguous title or text which fails to clearly specify the offer
*Where the title does not describe the advert and/or which includes symbols to make it stand out above the rest, using slogans such as “incredible offer”, “magnificent apartment”, “bargain”…
*That contain offers of work or business based on Pyramide or Multilevel Marketing, work from home…
*That contain offers of work that do not specify the position on offer, are based on commissions or do not clearly specify the offer and the position.
*Where the user who published the advert registered with erroneous data
*Adverts from competitors
*Where the advert contains unnecessarily repetitive text.
*Any other reason considered by TotalAdvert to affect the correct functioning of the Website.
*The application of any of the previous points will be according to the criteria of TotalAdvert and may incur the deletion of the advert and the user as well as the blocking of the email for future registrations. places at the disposal of advertisers the option of including photographs, once entered these photographs will be visible with the advert they were contained within and will appear stamped with the domain.

Guidelines for the inclusion of photographs
Up to 4 photographs can be included
The photographs must be in .jpg format
The maximum size of the photographs must not exceed 250 KB.
Photographs with Copyright or authors rights are not permitted.
Photographs in which physical people appear are not permitted.
The advertiser bears the sole responsibility for the photographs included.
If the photograph has already been entered it will be over-written.

Repeated non-compliance with any of the previous points may incur deletion of the advert and the user as well as the blocking of the email for future registrations. places at the disposal of the users technical linking devices which amongst other may be Links, Banners, directories and/or search tools which enable users to access websites that belong to or are managed by third parties, the objective of said Utilities is to facilitate searches, information and services available on the Internet to the user. does not commercialise or offer either directly or through third parties any information, content or services available on linked sites, nor does it control them.  It is the user therefore who must act prudently when using the existing information, content and services.

7.- Availability and Functionality does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the Website and its services.  Wherever possible will give prior notice of any interruptions in the correct functioning of the website and/or its services.

8.- Objective places at the disposal of the users a tool for the placing and viewing of adverts, as well as the opportunity of contacting advertisers through the portal, due to which the user fully accepts that under no circumstances does the Website accept responsibility for the negotiations between users or the content of the adverts.

9.- Access to Minors
If you are under age you will need authorisation from parents, guardians or legal representatives in order to access the services provided, who will then be considered responsible for all acts carried out by the minors under their charge.
Full responsibility for specific content and services accessed by the under aged falls to the adults under whose charge they are.

10.- Duration
a.- The application of these General Conditions of Use as well as any specific ones where applicable will have an indefinite duration and can be modified without prior notice, annulling all previous ones and making users aware of them through this web page.

b.-The provision of services on the website in principle is for an indefinite duration, however reserves the right to end or suspend the provision of services at any time, giving prior notice of this suspension of services wherever reasonably possible.

11.- Price

The provision of services on the part of is free, however there are various added value options relating to the publication of adverts which imply the sending of sms messages at a cost of 1.50€ + I.V.A.

Sending SMS messages to Highlight or Position your advert does not imply the option of non-compliance or non-application of the general conditions or the deletion of the adverts and user who published them on behalf of if necessary, with the user who published the advert and subsequently chose to highlight it or position it via sms messages having any claim.  Read SMS conditions.

12.- Placing Adverts
In the form for placing adverts all fields marked as obligatory must be completed in order to place the advert and facilitate contact with the advertiser.

The adverts will be published on the website without restrictions with any user being able to view the data entered.

The number of adverts that can be entered by each user may be limited and must be maintained within the rules of point 5.

It is not permitted to include the telephone number, email address or website address in the title or text of the advert, the inclusion of any of these may imply the deletion of the advert.

13.- Advert Expiry

Adverts will expire after 180 days from entry so if you would like them to reappear after this time, simply go to your adverts and renew them, once renewed your advert will return to the top of the list.  You can renew your adverts when this renewal option is available which will make them return to the top of the list.
Expired adverts may be deleted from the DataBase 30 days after expiry as well as the user who published them if the user does not have any other active adverts.

14.- Contact

Adverts will have a telephone number visible in order facilitate contact with the advertiser.

The advertiser accepts the sending of emails via the website in order to receive contact from a User.

The Advertiser accepts the sending of emails from TotalAdvert. is not responsible for the emails or messages received by the Advertisers via the contact form on the adverts, simply providing the tool by which contact can be made with the advertiser.
To contact those responsible for the Website as well as to exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition write or click Here

16.- Use of Cookies

TotalAdvert may use cookies when a user browses the sites and pages of the Portal.  The cookies that may be used on the websites and pages of the Portal are solely associated with the browser of a specific computer (and an anonymous User), and do not provide the name and surname of the User.  Thanks to the cookies, TotalAdvert can recognise the browsers of registered users after they have registered for the first time, without them having to register every visit to access the different areas and services reserved exclusively for them.  The cookies used cannot read the cookie files created by other suppliers.  The user has the option of configuring their browser to be alerted on-screen of the presence of cookies and to impede the installation of cookies on their hard drive.  To use the Portal, it is not necessary for the User to permit the installation of the cookies sent by TotalAdvert, without prejudice to the fact that in this eventuality it will be necessary for the user to register each time he/she accesses a service which requires prior registration.

The cookies used on the websites and pages of the Portal may be provided by TotalAdvert, in which case they are provided from the different servers operated by TotalAdvert, or from the servers of specific third parties who provide us with servcies or provide the cookies on behalf of TotalAdvert.

15.- Legislation

These present conditions are governed from start to finish by Spanish law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid – Spain.


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